The caring police stopped truck carrying hundreds of dogs: they will be kept in the safest place


Nearly 400 canines were saved in Tambayash from a concrete grave.

Yulin’s dog meat festival gets underway today.

Newsweek reported on Monday, June 20 that protestors and police had halted the vehicle that was transporting them.

Participants in the raid, which took place on a highway in Shanxi province on Sunday, included volunteers from the China Humane Society and the International Society for the Protection of Animals.

Every year on the summer solstice, the event takes place in the tropical nation of Danlin.

Numerous canines were slain, and their meat was eaten. Thankfully, 386 travelers on the aforementioned route were able to flee.

The cops stopped him on the side of the road and handed his four-legged pal over to the animal control officials.

„Seeing so many pets in such a dangerous position is frightening. They might have gone days without water and food in the vehicle.

Many of them had clear symptoms of illness or injury. Yes,“ one of them, Lin Xiong, replied.

The protestors who rescued them. Skin issues and eye infections are common in animals.

Some still retain their necklaces, indicating that family members may have taken them.

Be kind and patient in every situation in your life.

Be happy.

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