Power of love: Find out what a couple who managed to lose 200 kg look like now

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It’s difficult to build strength and make yourself work on your physical appearance.

And if they are willing to support not just verbally but also practically, then this assistance is typically priceless.

Danny weighed 127 kg, and Lexi, then 26 years old, weighed 220 kg.

Despite his best efforts, Danny was unable to hold the girl in his arms.

But as the years went by, Lexi shed 135 kg in a relatively short period of time.

Lexi made a self-promise to herself in 2016 during one of her internet broadcasts that she and her spouse would both lose weight.

We didn’t follow a diet or work with a personal trainer; instead, we just supported one another and found the motivation to work out frequently.

We hope to have children and be in a loving relationship forever.

Lexi had no idea the outcome would become apparent so rapidly!

„We have become closer as a result of the weight loss journey. We made changes to our lives and our bodies to become what we desired.

Lexi further points out that her spouse never pressed her to lose weight and that he still adored her despite her excess weight.

„In our ten years of dating, he has never shown me any different treatment, and we hope that sharing our experience may inspire others to keep trying.

Danny is currently 87 kg. Lexi also wants to drop an additional 3 kilos. 80 is his cherished aim!

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