These pre-school BFFs had to be separated due to the move: they reunited 12 years later and never parted again

Interessante Gerüchte

The story of Natalie Crow and Austin Tatman is so similar to a fairy tale that it’s hard to believe. Because their friendship began at the age of two, lived a lifetime, despite a long separation, and ended in marriage.

Natalie and Austin met at the age of two when both went to the same pre-school and immediately became friends.

“We just automatically became best friends, and our parents understood this,” Natalie recalled.

“This is quite strange because usually, people at this age do not communicate with the opposite sex at all, not paying attention to them or even hostile to each other. But from the age of two to five, we were very close friends.”

When Natalie was five years old, her parents filed for divorce.

The girl’s mother, with her sister and two brothers, was forced to move to another state.

The children lost the ability to communicate for 12 long years.

“I remember the last time I saw him, not knowing that I was about to lose for 12 years,” said Natalie. “My last memory of him is when we were making a cake together with his mom in their kitchen for the holiday.”

When the girl was 17 years old, she still perfectly remembered Austin and the fact that his last name begins with the letter T.

So the girl found an old phone book and Austin’s number

“I knew that Austin’s last name begins with the letter “T”. But it’s still a mystery to me how I chose him immediately from the entire list of section names. It’s unexplainable”.

After the girl found his number and last name, she immediately went to look for him on Facebook and quickly found him.

There they began a correspondence and the guy said that he lives not far from Natalie’s father, whom she was supposed to visit soon.

After the arrival of the girl, they walked together more than once and communication resumed.

“We have been together ever since. It was only a moment when I saw him. Our friendship immediately came to life.”

After that, they again had to part for a long time.

So far, both graduated from schools in different states and studied at different universities in the country.

But their love survived all the miles.

And then he proposed to her. Of course, she agreed.

At the wedding, the girl’s father gave her a red jeep. And they took a photo by analogy with what the couple did in childhood. Father remembered this.

The couple is happily married. Natalie believes that all this would not have happened if her family had stayed in the same place.

“When I look back, I think that if we hadn’t moved, and I had grown up with Austin, it would have been very different… I don’t know if we would have been together.”

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