Pregnant for 13 years: Girl gave birth to nine children before her 35th birthday

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Our joy is in our kids! But since having and maintaining children is a lot of labor, parents typically devote all of their attention to their kids, neglecting their own needs, wants, and attractiveness.

But there are others who demonstrate that having a large family while still enjoying life is doable!

The pair has a social media site where they post all the highlights of their lives with numerous kids and where they reside in Sweden.

The couple’s nine children—three sons and six daughters—were all born before Satu turned 35 when she was almost 13 years pregnant.

On the family page, her fans frequently post numerous comments, and everyone agrees that despite the many births, the mother still appears to be in wonderful form and has maintained an incredible figure!

Even if the mother hardly ever posts pictures of herself, she particularly enjoys sharing pictures of her children.

Satu loves to arrange the group according to age now that they range in age from 4 months to 12 years.

Of course, there are a lot of kids for someone his age.

Momhood requires a lot of work and sacrifice. Sometimes I get tired before I’ve even had breakfast.

The best compensation for caring for my children, however, is their smiles and love

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