Premature baby born weighing 212g has already gone home: A beacon of hope

Interessante Gerüchte

The smallest infant in the world recently emerged from a Singaporean clinic.

She was born 13 months prior, weighed just 212 grams, and measured a minuscule 24 cm in length.

Kuek Yu Xuan is the name of the girl, and she is doing well right now. The baby’s mother, Won Mei Lin, works in Singapore while the family resides in Malaysia.

The oldest son in the family is a 4-year-old boy. Initially, the pregnancy appeared to be normal, everything was well, and the couple was getting ready to have children, but in June of last year, the woman suddenly experienced excruciating abdominal discomfort.

Mei Ling was admitted to the hospital right away, where preeclampsia was determined to be her condition.

When this condition strikes, blood pressure rises to extremely dangerous levels, and internal organ swelling starts.

The mother and the child’s lives were in danger. At only 25 weeks out of 40, the physicians decide to perform an emergency cesarean section.

This clinic’s doctors have never seen an infant that little before. The infant had little chance of being breastfed.

The neonatologist mentioned that each medicine dosage was determined separately to the nearest tenth.

To ensure that diapers only made minimum skin contact with the infant, they had to be trimmed and folded over.

And now, tiny Kuek is finally returning home after 13 hard months. Parents were required to pay a set amount of money for treatment, which considerate Singaporeans helped to collect.

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