Classroom to go: preschool teacher lost her job and now she holds lessons in a renovated 70s style bus

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Jerilee Melo, 36, taught at a preschool for four years. But in March 2020, due to lockdown, it was closed.

After being out of work for several months, Jerilee decided to take a risk.

She bought an old school bus, released back in the 70s, and decided to organize a study group for preschoolers in it.

About how to turn an old, dirty bus into a comfortable and safe space for studying, Jerilee did not know anything.

She was helped with the reconstruction of the body. But there were problems with the interior design of the cabin and the organization of the educational process.

Then Jerilee decided to participate in the Brittany Jeltema competition.

A former teacher who started her own business designing classrooms and learning spaces became her inspiration.

Much to Jerilee’s surprise, she won the competition and received a mobile school design project as a gift.

In just one weekend, Jeltema and her team transformed a boring salon into a bright and beautiful class.

Jerilee’s bus opened its doors to the first students – some of them came from her previous place of work.

Parents liked the idea of a mobile classroom. Jerilee agrees with them on the location in advance and drives the bus to the appointed place, so that during the classes it remains motionless, and the students are not distracted.

Thanks to the mobility of her class, Jerilee opened up new opportunities for the educational process. She shows the students her hometown and arranges interesting excursions.

For safety reasons and for the comfort of children, the bus can only take five people at a time. In addition, the teacher conducts part of the classes outdoors.

The children like the new format very much. Instead of sitting at a desk in front of the blackboard, they are creative, move a lot and often change activities.

According to Jerilee, she would like her idea to inspire other teachers to not be afraid and try something new.

In these unpredictable times for all, the former confidence in the future has been shaken, but the loss of a job is not the end.

“You don’t have to be in class all the time to be a teacher. Go beyond the usual walls, you can give children a lot without them,” says Jerilee.

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