Home Depot hired a previous shelter dog who is now the most hardworking employee there


This unique dog named Heaven has previously been a shelter dog.

Now he has become the most diligent employee in the store where he got admitted.

Your life completely changes for good when you decide to adopt a dog.

All of us change when we are given love and enough care.

Getting adopted is a wonderful incident for animals too as their dream of having a forever home comes true!

Let’s admit that it’s not always easy to adopt an animal. Very often they are afraid of people.

The animals need time to adapt to their new environment and to their new owners!

Heaven’s story is very special and interesting !

Heaven was adopted from the Kentucky River Shelter!

He was a very shy dog and was afraid of nearly everything around.

Jackie the new owner of Heaven had to somehow find ways to help the dog gain confidence again.

That’s when they headed to Home Depot where he was hired as an employee.

He turned out to be the most diligent employee!

Home Depot store is dog-friendly and Heaven felt there safe and protected.

After some time he began to communicate with other members of staff and people.

Heaven knows perfectly that the time to go home when he takes out the apron.

He is now well famous in the store where he works !

Heaven is happy and confident now like never before.

They just need our love and care to show the best in them.

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