The heavy rain is not a problem as the caring mother hen became an “umbrella“ for her cute babies

Natur Und Wir

This cute mother hen in our story is a true example of love and care.

You can see in the pictures how she takes care of her babies from rain.

The mother hen is protecting them and making sure nobody ever approaches them.

This scene shows us how much love and affection its is hidden in her heart towards her babies.

It’s something truly unbelievable and heartwarming to see.

The mother hen puts her babies‘ wishes and protection above her own.

The pictures of the mother hen together with her babies is captured in India and quickly spread on social media.

During the heavy rain she spreads her wings like umbrellas over them and protects them!

She is not worried about herself instead for her babies and wants to keep them safe, warm and dry.

A hen in our story is protecting her small little babies from rain and that’s truly heartwarming and sweet.

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