Puppy escapes from home, then rings doorbell to get back inside


The thing we love about our dogs is that they do all kinds of entertaining things, and no matter what, we can’t get mad with them!

They do, however, vanish at times, causing our hearts to race out of our chests. So, with a broken heart, the only thing we can do is search for our stray puppy.

That kind of feeling is something I’d never want to go through again.

In any case, some dogs develop a guilty conscience and try to right their wrongs right away. Marshall, a lovely three-month-old golden retriever, is the case in point. This curious little boy wanted to see what was going on in his neighbourhood, so he ran away from his home in Spokane, Washington.

However, he quickly discovered that life without his owner is quite boring. What else can you do if no one is sending you after sticks?

Now the dog must figure out how to get back in because the front door has been locked. He was fortunate in that he was astute, and he knew that the doorbell may be his best ally.

And, happily for all of us, the entire incident was captured on video by the house security camera. And believe me, you haven’t come up with anything cuter yet!

Take a look at the cute video below!

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