Puppy tries to share his stuffed toy with the dog in the mirror: sharing is caring

Positive Schwingungen

Dogs seem to have only one job in life since they were tiny puppies: to fill your heart with love and joy every day.

But how else are they going to achieve it if not by showing you some of the most wonderful moments you’ve ever seen?

Do you have any doubts? Just look at this adorable puppy with a big heart demonstrating what kindness is all about!

Ozzie is already spreading love all over the place, despite the fact that he is only three months old and has only known his human for a month.

The wonderful pup is really nice and loving, and he’s always trying to share a little of his generosity with everyone he meets, including his mirror counterpart.

„He’s the sweetest!“ says the narrator. Ozzie’s mother, Emma Green, detailed the situation to The Dodo. „He adores everyone he encounters, including dogs!“

The young lady just witnessed her furry pet performing the loveliest thing imaginable.

Ozzie was wandering across the living room when he came across a mirror, and he just happened to notice another dog in it who, miraculously, looked exactly like him.

Ozzie was clutching his favourite stuffed animal, a panda, and he appeared to be delighted to share it with the boy in the mirror.

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