Puppy was discovered petting the cat: as soon as they saw him he got up and denied his new friend


The short video ended with a comical gesture from the puppy.

The cat, on the other hand, had no problem showing how much fun he had been having.

We all understand that some things are a certain way and will never change.

Some are very sad, such as the existence of income differences or poverty.

Others are a bit more neutral, like the seasons of the year.

But a third group are those that do not have a very clear explanation, but that we all learn and repeat throughout life.

A good example of them is the rivalry between dogs and cats.

It’s not that a war has been declared or anything like that.

However, it’s a matter of putting a dog and a cat that don’t know each other together, to notice that there isn’t much love for each other.

Although those who have pets assure that if they are raised together, felines and canines can become best friends.

Someone tell the pup in this video, who showed some embarrassment towards his burgeoning friendship with his house cat.

In the short video shared by Newsflare, the animals‘ owner approach them with their phone ready to record.

What is found is a young puppy, lying on top of the cat, hugging it and licking it.

The feline seems to be enjoying the scene as much or more than the dog itself.

The funny thing happens as soon as the owner enters the scene: without thinking twice, almost scared, the dog jumps up and away from the cat.

All his gestures try to imply that he wants to pretend that no one noticed what he had been doing.

Although the evidence was already on video, the one who ends up betraying him is his new friend.

Unlike the puppy’s attitude, the cat simply lies down: he doesn’t seem to be showing the slightest intention of denying how much fun he was having.

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