The sweet rare white lion quadruplets are in front of the public for the very first time in their life

Natur Und Wir

The wildlife with its rare representative never stops amazing us.

This species have the unique appearance because of the genetic mutation but they are not albinos.

The white lion has a very special fur but in this case the lips and the eyes of the the animal are not white, they are colored.

There are nearly 13 white lions in the wild and 100 of them are in captivity.

The numerous pictures of these white rare lions were published by the Zoo and people couldn’t stop admiring them.

The pictures we have gathered for you show us that the kids play peacefully in the forest !

According to the statistics there are 13 white lions living in the wild and 100 of them live in captivity.

Even though the white rare lions are rarely seen they still they are not considered as extinct species.

These species are even known as Panthera leos.

However, we have to properly take care of them as they may become extinct in the future because of the uncontrolled trading.

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