Rescue dog won’t stop hugging news reporter until he adopts her


It claims we don’t get to choose our pets, but they do! A statement that has never been more true than in the following story.

A rescue dog and a reporter who went to a shelter to do a story fell in love at first sight. Since then, the two have become inseparable.

Dogs are known to be extremely affectionate creatures. Even though they offer nothing but love and kindness, many of them receive the exact opposite.

They are mistreated by their uncaring owners and end up in shelters or, in the worst-case scenario, on the streets.

Despite this, a dog never forgets to forgive and is always ready to profoundly love again. And it’s all about that in this story!

A novice reporter had the most amazing surprise when visiting a dog shelter for a story. One that had a positive impact on his life.

One of the dogs at the shelter approached the man as he was taping for the show.

It was as simple as that! The man wasn’t sure how to respond at first, but when he realised the four-legged being wouldn’t let him go, he became quite emotional.

The loving dog leaped on the reporter’s leg and hugged him as if he were the last living thing on the planet. Because such behaviour deserves to be rewarded, the man returned the dog’s lovely gesture with the same coin.

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