Rescued and playful baby elephant can’t stop hugging tourist that visited her

Interessante Gerüchte

When an American visitor chose to go to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, she expected to see some friendly elephants.

She had not anticipated any of this.

One of the elephant calves couldn’t get enough of the female tourist’s snuggling.

The event was captured on camera, and it may be the cutest video you’ll see all week!

The charming picture shows the sanctuary’s youngest elephant lavishing affection and cuddles on an unnamed tourist.

Suki is the newest baby elephant born at the Chia Lai Orchid – an elephant rescue center.

The adorable elephant has been surrounded by loving and caring individuals since birth.

So she is naturally quite affectionate with anybody that crosses her path.

Suki is clearly having the time of her life, yet the visitor does not appear to be bothered by the elephant’s rush of enthusiasm.

After rolling over the grass, the couple approaches Suki’s mother, who expresses little worry about her daughter’s conduct.

After all, she may be relieved that someone else is caring for her cheerful infant.

„We are in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You may help our efforts by visiting Suki and her family and staying at our eco-lodge with the elephants.“

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