Rescued from poor living conditions the most adorable dog and her 7 puppies try to forget their painful past


In Orlando, USA, a dog and her puppies were rescued from deplorable living conditions. After living day and night on the outside, the little family was taken in by a shelter.

A concerned Orlando resident told Orange County Animal Services that an emaciated female dog and her 7 cubs were living in a yard.

When animal protection officers, accompanied by a policeman, arrived on the scene, they were shocked by the state of the mother. According to Fox 35, which relayed this affair, she was so thin „that a small necklace had slipped from her neck“.

Although his condition was alarming, the newborns were, fortunately, more or less healthy.

Still according to our colleagues from across the Atlantic, the owner would have denied owning the animals.

After their discovery, the 8 individuals were transported to Ziggy’s Legacy Rescue, a shelter located in Hernando County.

„She’s a wonderful mom. She is still looking for her puppies and still caring for them,” said Hannah Griffith, spokeswoman for Orange County Animal Services.

The hairballs, about 3 weeks old, are still breastfeeding and will be available for adoption in a few weeks, when they are old enough.

In addition to having enough to eat, the mother and her babies received all the necessary care, including deworming.

Still quite frightened, the members of the tribe come out of their shell little by little. Rescuers hope good people will give these dogs, who deserve a better life, a chance.

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