Rescued piglets try to nurse from a four-month-old tiny kitten in sweetest footage

Interessante Gerüchte

While we’ve seen shelter animals console one another on several occasions, it’s always heartening to watch rescued four-legged beings connecting in times of need.

This time, some rescued piglets and a kitten became friends after meeting at a Georgia rescue centre.

Adrienne Jacobs, who operates the Wild Things Sanctuary in Union Point, was worried about finding them a foster mom when she rescued a litter of piglets that appeared to be too young to feed themselves.

But, to Adrienne’s surprise, the little piglets appeared to be capable of standing on their own, despite their age.

The adorable piglets have already found a very loyal buddy in Mac, a four-month-old rescue kitty, despite the fact that they have only recently arrived at the shelter.

The piglets and kitten had apparently found solace in each other that they were practically inseparable, especially when napping.

The 32-year-old woman was keeping a watch on Mac and his little companions one day when she spotted the piglets all trying to feed from the kitten, and Mac, shockingly, allowed them.

Adrienne managed to capture the touching scene on film, and the result is really charming. Take a look at this simply adorable moment to  bring some joy to your day!


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