The cute story: a golden retriever lives together with 8 birds and a hamster and they are so happy together

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Can you ever imagine a Golden Retriever living peacefully with birds and being so happy?

This lovely and sociable golden retriever is so excited to live with these tiny colorful birds!

You may also be surprised to know that besides living with birds Bob also has another best friend- a hamster.

Bob is so happy to be these cuties‘ protector.

He also adores taking them out for walks, has fun playing with them.

All of them also sleep together and act like real best friends.

You can see their sweet interaction in the pictures shared on social media.

He and his friends have gained lots of popularity.

Their sweet and wonderful photos have become an Internet sensation.

All of them travel the world and are so cute and wonderful.

Golden Retrievers are all so cute and wonderful !

They have a heart of gold and are able to be so friendly!

Due to their kind nature Golden Retrievers are able to get along with nearly everyone!

And this story is another proof of it! We hope you enjoyed the story.

This small lovely family simply enjoy their life together.

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