Returning from the garden, his Chow Chow brings back an unexpected companion


It happens that while returning from a small turn outside, twigs and other elements cling to the hairs of the dogs. A Chow Chow, answering to the name of Duke, brought something else!

A video posted on the TikTok account @dukeofhawthorn and relayed by People magazine has gone viral. And you will quickly understand why.

„I just called my dog ​​inside for the night, and there’s something dark attached to his chest,“ the owner of the Chow Chow in question told her followers.

While the young woman continues to film, she asks her 4-legged companion to approach, in order to show Internet users her new friend.

„There’s just a possum hanging from his chest,“ the clip’s author continued.

During his outing in the garden, Duke therefore met an adorable marsupial, who decided to cling to him. After all, how can you resist such soft and warm fur?

The dog’s owner delicately picked up the little creature and greeted her. Of course, after this unexpected encounter, she released the wild animal back into the wild.

She also insisted that the Chow Chow „didn’t bite her“ and was just being very curious. „He’s a nice dog who lives with cats,“ said the author of the video.

The shooting has been viewed over 895,000 times and received 172,000 likes to date. An unusual little anecdote that makes you smile!

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