The mystery has been revealed: the extinct clouded leopard has been spotted for the first time in 40 years

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Our interesting story is about Formosan rare leopard that used to be a mystery for all the animal lovers.

This species is considered to be extinct since 2013 as they were not seen since 1983.

The good news is that this rare unique leopard has recently been spotted in Taiwan.

It’s very hard to notice this unique animal, but a group of foresters attentively discovered the are hoping they will find the cat.

Formosan leopard are known as a subspecies of the clouded leopards and they are considered to be extinct since 2008.

The leopard due to its unique appearance and grayish marks on its body can only inhabit in Taiwan.

The Piwan tribe noted the government that it’s better end logging so that the leopard could get out of hiding.

The tribe is dedicated to saving extinct animal’s lives and they urged the government to prevent hunting to ensure leopards‘ safety.

The mystery about the beautiful Formosan leopard has been revealed.

The historical facts show how way back in 13th century local people brought the pelts to port cities in order to sell them.

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