Rumeisa Gelgi is considered the tallest woman in the world: her height is 2m 15cm

Interessante Gerüchte

Rumeisa is the tallest woman in Turkey. However, it is a very rarely meeting symptom directly connected to this record.

Rumeisa Gelgi, who is 2 m and 15 cm tall. Her record is as the tallest woman in all over the world.

He has a syndrome of Weaver, an uncommon illness that unfortunately accounts for his height.

Weaver syndrome can meet very rare. It makes growing quickly and particular anomalies in the development of the skull and skeleton.

It is significant that Gelgi was first included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2014. She held the record for being the tallest teen in the world at the time.

Rumeisa primarily uses a wheelchair, but she can walk with support.

„I enjoy being unique. I find it fascinating and I feel unique. I can also reach the highest points with ease and look down on people. Not too awful,“ Rumeisa cynically remarks.

A representative for Guinness World Records expressed their honor at including a Turkish woman on the list for a second time.

Prior to this, Chinese Zeng Jinlian, who was 2 m.46 cm in height, can hold the title of the tallest woman all over the world. Next is Kosen is 2 m, 51 cm.

People sometimes reacted negatively, but she can ignore it.

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