This wonderful sloth sanctuary happily takes care after baby sloths who sadly lost their mothers

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It’s so good to know that there are still people living on earth who do take care of animals !

Sam Trull is the co-founder of the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica who has been influencing the preservation of sloths in the wild.

“ I adore sloths mostly because they mind their own business.

They are very interesting creatures as they have a playful and cute nature.

Sloths adore resting in the sunshine, are very curious and playful.“ says the woman.

She says that she has been attracted to these species for a long time and that’s the reason she decided to spend all her energy to save them.

The mission of this Institute is the discovery of sloths who are captive in the wild.

The Institute also collaborated with a lot of institutions across the world that are doing research regarding them.

Sloths are such sweet animals who need the right trees and most importantly sunshine to survive and be happy!

The tourism industry uses them as a facility for people, but these animals get stressed from human interaction.

Sloths cannot protect themselves from danger by running away across the road.

It’s impossible not be drawn to these unique creatures who adore eating their leaves, find their comfort in the sunshine and breeze and have a perfect scratch !

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