See what the baby born with white hair looks like 9 years later

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Check out the newborn’s appearance nine years later.

2012 saw a miracle occur once. Redd, Patricia Williams‘ third son, was born with exceptionally white hair.

When Redd turned eight, it became clear that he was a genuine albino, contrary to the doctors‘ initial assumption that the youngster was simply blond.

He was special and very gorgeous because of his pristine white hair and charming almond eyes.

To identify the family member who carries this genetic disorder, doctors conducted the study.

When they finally reached a decision, it was evident that the infant had inherited traits from her mother’s 85-year-old grandmother.

She was the lone person on the Indian reserve and was also born with albinism.

The grandmother, however, was unaware that she was albino because the genes took a long time to transmit from one generation to the next.

When the grandmother displayed a photo of her Indian relatives, in which she was the only blonde, the family unintentionally learned the truth. The story is still not over, though.

The couple eventually produced a second son with the same illness after six years.

Redd was soon widely sought after by advertising firms, who invited the young man to participate in numerous picture shoots for different products.

The parents of Rockwell and Redd are fortunate and proud of their sons, who have become well-known.

Passersby have even asked them to take pictures of the youngsters if they don’t mind.

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