Seeing his boyfriend unable to buy lunch: the schoolboy made a brilliant move

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Michigan third-grader Kayden Taipalus looks forward to lunch in the school cafeteria with his classmates, just like other kids his age.

When it turned out that his friend couldn’t buy his own lunch in the school cafeteria due to insufficient funds and unpaid debts from previous meals, he was shocked.

He went home discouraged and angry at what he saw in the school cafeteria.

Cayden asked his mother Amber what he could do to help his classmate with lunch. Then they came up with an ingenious plan to fix the problem.

Mother and son came up with the idea for a fundraising campaign called Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry.

To ensure that his friend never again goes without a hot meal, the major objective of this charity website is to earn enough money to pay off his friend’s food obligations.

Kaidan then inquired whether his friends, family, and neighbors would be willing to make cash contributions to the admirable because he had envisioned.

In order to further help his friend, Kaidan combed his neighborhood for goods that his neighbor could recycle and then sell.

When Kayden got the money he needed, he paid his friend’s past-due lunch costs right away.

More than 300 students whose families lack the resources to provide for them received hot meals at school thanks to Cayden, who was able to donate a total of around $7,000.

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