These 11 friends are looking for collective accommodation to avoid nursing homes and retirement homes

Interessante Gerüchte

Eleven grannies from Montauban have been on a quest to find a shared building where they can continue to live together and avoid a retirement home.

They created the association, La Maison d’Isis, to extend their autonomy by living under the same roof while preserving their independence.

The goal of the association is to provide private residences for the elderly that allow them to live independently, rather than relying on their children or nursing homes.

The idea of shared accommodation for seniors is gaining popularity as families seek alternatives to a retirement home.

In 2015, La Maison d’Isis had hope for a property with a social landlord, but the project fell through due to financial constraints.

Today, the women are continuing to search for property for their project and have turned to beguinage organizations for help.

The concept of shared accommodation for seniors is gaining popularity and is seen as a way for aging individuals to preserve their autonomy and fight against isolation.

Shared accommodation offers various benefits for seniors, including intergenerational sharing with students and shared living with other seniors in a collective building.

The eleven grannies hope to live together for the rest of their lives and imagine a sweeter life in a beautiful building filled with laughter and games.

The association can be contacted on its Facebook page by anyone who wishes to support its cause.


The future of aging individuals may lie in shared accommodation, and La Maison d’Isis is an excellent example of how seniors can work together to preserve their independence and autonomy.

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