She couldn’t believe she was expecting not one but four little ones

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For many years, Natalie Marie and Kahn from Roburn, Australia, struggled with infertility before giving birth to Kiki, who is now two.

When Natalie became pregnant again, she believed she was really lucky because she wasn’t yet aware that she was actually carrying four children.

In an interview with That’s Life, the woman stated, „During the research, scheduled to correspond with 7 weeks of pregnancy, I laid down and  uzist lid a probe over my stomach.“

Uzist reported seeing four cubs. She claimed that Kang, her husband, „almost passed out.“

At 34 weeks pregnant, Natalie underwent a cesarean delivery and gave birth to four children.

She previously had weekly examinations for several months to ensure the infants were growing normally.

On July 21, with a time discrepancy of a few minutes, the quadruplets Natalie and Kana, Mayoa Kang (2.3 kg), Frankie Jean (1.92 kg), Marley Rose (2.2 kg), and Maddison Grace (2.1 kg) were born.

Natalie has frequently posted family updates on her Instagram profile since her children were born.

The woman claimed that feeding the four cubs takes her and Kan an hour and a half and that she „counts down“ to the following feeding once they had dozed off.

Natalie remarked, „I created four marvels in this womb. „I feel lovely. I’m incredibly proud of what my body has accomplished, and I know what it is capable of.

The truth is that if I said I liked the way my belly looks right now, I would be lying to myself and to all of you, Natalie said.

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