She found her in an empty house on a floor and she saved the baby: Now look at today’s girl

Interessante Gerüchte

Sarah Konk, a graduate of therapeutic rest, is 28 years old. She was in Haiti at one point and was able to provide both mental and physical support for many children.

But something happened one day that completely altered his life. When the little girl was 3 months old, she was brought to the hospital where she worked.

The girl, whose name was Nika, was taken to the hospital by a person posing as her aunt.

Everything went smoothly, and the baby was healed. Nika’s condition was satisfactory to the doctors; she was recovering and almost ready to be discharged.

Only now there was now here to write it down. Nevertheless, Sarah was able to speak with the mother and persuade her to give her daughter back by making a financial promise to do so.

The cost of Nicky’s medical treatment will never change.

After some time had passed, Sarah made the decision to phone her mother to find out the baby’s status, but she did not pick up.

She was overcome by panic; she was deeply concerned for this child and made the decision to go right to their house.

Sarah would always remember what she had seen there. It is so fine.

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