She hasn’t cut her hair since she was 5 years old : Now 34 Rapunzel reveals her secrets

Interessante Gerüchte

Every girl imagines having gorgeous, long hair.

But as they become older, some honor fashion and cut their hair, while others simply lack patience, and the end result is always a hairdresser.

Alenna, age 34, hasn’t had her hair cut since she was five, and as a result, she has grown into a real Rapunzel.

The girl’s hair, which has grown to a length of 1.8 meters, is what made her famous.

Her mother, who always told her that a long braid is the greatest ornament of a woman, was overjoyed when she started to grow this beautiful hair at the age of 5.

She hasn’t cut her

My mother fostered a love of long hair in me at a young age, says Alenna.

While having such long hair implies at least some degree of health, it is undoubtedly gorgeous. It takes a lot of time to care for them.

Professional cosmetics are her major form of care.

The girl also spends approximately an hour washing her hair, but she won’t trim it since she thinks her curls are her fortune.

„I have such a deep passion for my hair that I have never even considered chopping it.

I can’t even picture having short hair or having it dyed a different hue,“ she continued.

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