She is the happiest: watch how the mom who had octuplets lives after twelve years

Interessante Gerüchte

In 2009, Nadia Suleman gave birth to an octuple. Nadia and her babies broke a fantastic global record for a week after their birth: all the kids survived, which is unusual when children are soon burners.

Nadia, a single mother, has come under fire for her careless decision to have eight children when she already had six kids.

Others appreciated his bravery and resolve.

But more than 12 years have gone by, and the Suleman family is doing great. How did she come to be the mother of so many kids without a husband, and what does she look and live like now?

Nadya was married when she was 20, however, the union failed after four years and the pair had no children. The American was treated for infertility as soon as she got married because she was aware of her fertility issues at a young age.

She resorted to Michael Kamvara who was a fertility specialist, however, after trying every therapy approach without success. A few years later, only due to the controversy involving Nadia.

The woman tried IVF for the first time while she was married. However, birthing was not the end of the procedure. But Suleman persisted in his optimism. When she was 30, she had already given birth to two daughters and four boys.

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