She never wanted kids: now she has 8 daughters and 3 sons

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The girl had already given birth to 11 cubs by the time she was 30. But at the beginning of their family life, she and her husband hadn’t anticipated anything like this.

In addition, the man had no intention of having children.

15 years ago, Joseph and Nicole first met. Their intentions for the future were completely in sync: the couple intended to live a quiet, peaceful existence without any room for children.

However, something went awry, and the couple now has three sons and eight daughters.

Nicole was only 16 years old at the time, and Joseph was 21. The girl became a mother for the first time at such a young age.

Rihanna, the couple’s daughter, was born. She has now reached the age of 14.

And when he was born, new babies kept showing up one after the other.

It should be emphasized that despite having children, the youngest of whom is just five months old, both parents manage to work.

Nicole works as a part-time salesperson, while Joseph drives. Other than the fundamental child payments, spouses are not eligible for any benefits.

Additionally, because of their solitude, they have had more time to spend with their children, and it hasn’t been as difficult for them as it has been for some other parents.

A woman with numerous little children needed to establish a daily schedule, so she would have enough time to care for everyone.

Nicole rises at six, and in the evening the breakfast table is set.

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