She took wedding photos with her grandfather fearing he wouldn’t live to see her wedding

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Giving your grandparents a collection of wedding photos to help them realize their greatest goal is maybe the most romantic thing you can do. The Chinese woman, 25, recently posed in her wedding gown for an emotional series of

Because her grandfather always wanted to see her get married, she took photos with him.

Although Fu Xuewei has no immediate plans to wed, she is concerned about the 87-year-old grandfather’s prognosis given his critical condition.

Fu, therefore, made the decision to dress up as a bride for his grandfather Fu Qiquan and record the heartfelt scenes on video. Even in a small church, the girl walked down the aisle with her grandfather.

She declared, „My grandfather ought to walk me down the aisle.“ „But I wanted to make sure he could do it now because I don’t know if he’ll get to that point.

The entrepreneur Fu, who is from Chengdu, lived with her grandparents after her parents divorced when she was just 10 years old.

They nurtured their granddaughter till she departed at age 18 to pursue studies in Singapore and Switzerland. She claims that although her grandfather was always „macho,“ he spoiled her all the time.

She even got a tattoo of her grandfather Fu’s likeness on her arm as a token of her affection for him.

Everything changed, though, when the man developed a terrible illness in September of last year. His health was critical, according to doctors.

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