She was the first woman in history to give birth to octuplets and this is what they look like today

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She Was The First Woman In History To Give Birth To Octuplets And This Is What They Look Like Today

Nadia Suleiman was born in Fullerton, California, not far from Hollywood.

After graduating, the girl entered medical school and qualified as a nurse.

Closeness to the heart of world cinematography too seriously affected the girl’s worldview.

But it would be fine if she fell in love with one of the Hollywood beauties and dreamed of him in her secret dreams, or did everything possible to become like the bright beauties of modern cinema.

Although, yes, she was an ardent fan of Angelina Jolie, and to look at least a little like her favorite actress, she became a mother of six little ones.

After a while, it seemed a bit like a mother of many cubs, she decided, by all means, to take a line in the Guinness Book of Records as the woman with the most number of cubs born at the same time.

Nadya understood that it was unlikely to achieve such a result naturally, and the determined woman resorted to the service of in vitro fertilization.

Despite the fact that American law does not provide for the implantation of more than two embryos, a doctor friend succumbed to the woman’s persuasion and twelve embryos were introduced into her body.



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