Shelter dogs have sweetest reaction when musician plays guitar for them

Interessante Gerüchte

Although it is no longer a secret that animals, like people, enjoy music, these stray dogs have a surprise reaction when a volunteer at the shelter offers to perform for them.

The lovely scene was captured on camera, and the man became an internet celebrity.

Chad Olds, a music lover and sincere animal lover, volunteers at the Vance County Animal Shelter in North Carolina when he isn’t singing for the audience.

He only decided to bring his guitar to the shelter one day and play it for the dogs.

„One day, the shelter manager looked in and said, ‚Hey, you should try playing for the dogs,'“ Chad explained to THE DODO. „But, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to do much other than get the dogs excited about lunch.“

But, not long after he began his act, Chad couldn’t believe his eyes when he observed that each and every dog was having a blast.

The dogs abruptly stopped barking and began to listen to the music peacefully.

They were all deafeningly quiet. „It blew my mind,“ Chad explained. „I believe that music has an impact on everyone, but this was truly exceptional!“

The shelter decided to share the touching scene on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. „It’s really lovely.“

„It’s really lovely to witness how quiet the Furbabies are as they observe and listen to you,“ one person remarked, while another said, „God bless him for sharing his ability with them.“ They deserve so much love and music!“

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