Similar and different twins have grown up and are already 13

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Similar and dissimilar twins are now 13 years old and have grown up.

Marcy and Millie Biggs shared a lot of characteristics at birth.

They shared the same hairstyle, eyes, and nose.

But as the girls grew older, one of them started to change each month. His eyes and hair changed, and his skin tone deepened.

As a result, Millie gained weight, whereas Marcy kept her golden hair.

Although it may appear from the side that the females are from different countries, they are actually twins. Why did that take place?

And everything is really easy. As you can see in the photo below, their parents come from diverse backgrounds.

The mother of the twins, Amanda, is an Englishwoman, and their father, Michael is from Jamaica Amanda, the twins‘ father, is from England.

Despite the criticism and ridicule they received from many around them, they fell in love and remained together forever.

Soon after they got married, Amanda got pregnant. The parents made jokes after the babies were born.

Both are for mom and dad, respectively. Just a few years ago, a photographer published an article about the Biggs family and put a photo of the daughters on the front of a fashion magazine.

The twins are already 13 years old as of today. They interact with their friends, do their assignments, and engage in sports like other students.

The females‘ tastes are identical despite the fact that they have diverse appearances.

They frequently don’t have the same attire and favor the same books and movies.

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