This cute abandoned pups simply couldn’t help falling in love with each other from the day they met


We have seen lots of cases when the animals deeply fall in love with each other.

This cute story about two roaming pups is such a wonderful example of love and sweetness.

The rescuers decided to name them Monica and Chandler.

The sweet pups were roaming the streets of East Los Angeles when they noticed these cuties.

This couple was very cautious, and the local residents simply couldn’t get closer to them.

Enny is the founder of Rescue From The Heart.

Whenever her colleague knew about this couple she immediately rushed to see them.

However, soon she understood that they both are very cautious.

The rescue team invented a plan of rescuing them!

They decided to put rap in order to save these pups.

At first, they wanted to catch Monica and then they decided to rescue Chandler.

When they caught her she was to their surprise so calm.

When Monica was caught, Chandler headed straight to the rescuers!

Soon these cuties were adopted together by a loving family!

It’s so wonderful to know that the rescuer’s efforts were not in vain.

This cute couple now enjoys life to the fullest!

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