This sweet and cute donkey smiles from ear to ear when he understands he is rescued

Interessante Gerüchte

Luckily, saving this sweet donkey’s life was possible due to one of the members of the rowing club.

This sweet animal got out from the barn at night in Killorgrin.

The donkey was stranded by the heave floods in Ireland.

The animal rescue wrote on a Facebook page about the donkey who ran away from the barn.

The door of the barn was damaged because of the bad weather.

Luckily, one of the members of the rowing club found the donkey and could bring him ashore.

With the help of the rope and life jacket it became possible to save his life.

After rescuing the donkey they soon found out it the name of the donkey is Mike.

The rescuer spent some time with the donkey until its barn was fully repaired.

Suzzan Gibbons noted that the donkey is now eating hot dry oatmeal and the vet has already examined the animal and gave it antibiotics to save the animal from pneumonia.

The sweet animal had small water in a lung and thanks to the kind-hearted people who always do their best to save animals‘ lives.

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