Smith’s first public appearance with wife and kids since Oscar fight

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Smith’s first outing with his wife and children since the Oscar fight

Will Smith, an actor from Europe, was present at the Emancipation premiere.

Antoine Fuqua, an American filmmaker, and his family are in a film. Smith was depicted in a photograph by the EPA Photo Agency.

This is the actor’s first public appearance since he slapped the Oscars emcee in March 2022 over a joke about his wife, according to Today magazine.

Chris Rock, the host of the Oscar party on March 28, questioned Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett on stage if her new hairstyle had anything to do with her Soldier shooting preparations. Jan.

Smith then took the stage and began babbling after those words. Pinkett has acknowledged in the media and on her social media sites that she is balding as a result of her sickness.

Smith apologized to the public for his actions that day and shared a message on Instagram.

After this affair, Mr. Smith made the announcement that he was leaving the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Commission.

David Rubin, the president of the Academy, claimed to have accepted Mr. Smith’s resignation.

Smith won an Oscar for this.

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