Sphynx female used to give birth to over 70 kittens cared for in serious condition


A senior Sphynx cat has been placed in a shelter after spending her entire life breeding with a breeder, having given birth to dozens of litters.

Her son was also rescued. The 2 cats are sick and need ongoing care, but they are now in good hands.

An association based in Blackpool, in the North West of England, took care of 2 Sphynx cats, including a female used for breeding intensively, reported Blackpool Gazette on Monday April 25.

Nim, 9, is now at the Fylde Coast Cats shelter, as is his 11-year-old mother Koko.

The latter would have given birth to more than 70 kittens at her former owner, a breeder who would have pocketed a total of 140,000 pounds (170,000 euros) by selling them over the years.

„We believe that Koko was used as a reproduction machine,“ said Kim Millard, the association’s founder. She has a big pouch and when she sits down the skin folds over her hind legs.”

The 2 felines are in a worrying state of health. They suffer from calicivirosis, a serious and contagious viral disease, and kidney failure. Nim had bleeding gums and an ulcer in his tongue.

He had to have surgery to have his teeth removed.

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