Stacy and Babajide were completely surprised when they saw their twin boys: They are so different

Interessante Gerüchte

The couple Stacy and Babajide had decided to have kids after their first daughter. They were waiting, wonderful twins.

They are boys. When they unexpectedly knew that their mother was pregnant.

After having their wonderful twin. She knew that Daniel and David were healthy.

Stacy and Babajide were in shock when saw their sons. They couldn’t have been more dissimilar from each other.

Daniel and their sister are comparable. David is looking fair. Their parents had also dark skin and dark black curly hair.

Since I obtained them through CS, the doctors informed me.

It seems you are getting fully nonidentical twins. David was born with the syndrome of albinism.

That syndrome can meet one of three thousand people. David also has albinism.

David was absolutely healthy because some persons with albinism can have bad eyesight.

Statistics show that albinism is one of the most prevalent genetic disorders in Nigeria.

They are both sweet. They are so lovely that we thought a miracle had been bestowed upon us.

Albinism is the congenital absence of the person, resulting in absolutely white hair.

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