Stone the crows so almost one of a kind and a rare white bird appears out of nowhere

Interessante Gerüchte

According to experts, the chances of spotting such a crow are probably one in tens of thousands.

On May 21, Mokoi Okada, 88, noticed the crow looking for food amid a swarm of black crows in a field near his house.

His luck has continued since then, as he has seen the uncommon bird practically every evening.

Two albino carrion crows are now being reared in a bird-specific facility in Niigata Prefecture.

A very lucky local man recently saw an exceedingly uncommon white crow in Takasaki, Gunma, eastern Japan.

„At first, I mistook it for a dove and assumed it was a crow.“ I was astonished,“ he said.

Both have white bodies and ruby eyes.

The Takasaki bird is also regarded to be a carrion crow, despite having a light brown head and black eyes.

According to Professor Shoei Sugita of Tohto University, a crow specialist.

„Since the head is brown, it is not a bird that has lost melanin pigment production, but maybe an animal that went white owing to poor synthesis.“

This is a realistic and so wonderfully made creature that you can ever meet in your life.

Every few years, I acquire information on white crows.“

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