The sweet owl couldn’t stop hugging the man who saved its life after being run over by car


This cute picture will melt your heart! The owl who was saved by the man keeps hugging him as a sign of gratitude.

One day this cute owl named Gigi was brought to Mississippi.

Here in this picture you may see the owl who was saved by the man.

She was nearly dying when the man first saw her.

This poor animal suffered a serious head injury when she was hit by the car.

This sweetie needed a full medical treatment as his whole body was full of parasites.

The owl was so ill that she even lost half a kilo in weight.

The owl is blessed to find Doug on her way and she simply didn’t stop hugging!

It’s so wonderful to see how Doug takes care of the animal.

Doug has such a string bond with the incredible bird.

You can see how connected they are to each other.

“ I have worked with various birds and this is the first time that I have such a strong attachment to the bird“ says Doug.

After returning from his trip the owl simply didn’t hide its excitement!

They hugged each other for a long time and that scene was something truly wonderful !

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