The most heartwarming story: the deputy doesn’t leave the dog’s side cold and in pain after being hit by car


One of the responsibilities of the police of taking care of not only people but also animals.

Our heartwarming story will make your day.

This cute picture shows how the sheriff does all he can and even more to save an injured dog.

When Josh of the Osceola County Sheriff’s office arrived at the scene he saw a sweet roaming dog hit by the car.

The man was the first and the only one-person by the dog’s side.

The weather was cold at that time and he knew he had to make some extra effort to help the injured dog.

He decided to wrap the dog with a warm coat!

“ The dog was kindly accepting the man’s attempts of helping him. “

This wonderful act of kindness was not done for the public!

The passing stranger captured this heartwarming moment that soon spread !

As a result of inspection, it turned out that the dog has a dislocated leg and the dog needed extra attention.

The dog didn’t have a microchip and still the shelter needs to either claim or put the dog for adoption.

The most heartwarming part of this story is seeing the officer sitting by the dog when it needed care the most!

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