Strategically placed splashes of white and yellow – red pop against a background of ivory white

Interessante Gerüchte

The name „Bombycilla garrulus“ stems from the remarkable wing pattern on the secondary flying feathers, which have flattened ends that seem brilliant red.

Males have brownish gray plumage with a pale gray rump and underparts and dark chestnut-orange tail-coverts.

The flight feathers on the wings are blackish with yellow borders on the outer webs.

The primary and secondary coverts have large white tips. Secondaries feature long, flattened wax-like crimson tips as well.

The tail is blackish with a prominent brilliant yellow terminal band.

The head and crown are cinnamon to warm chestnut.

Under a high backward pointing crest, a black mask extends from the base of the bill through the eye and around to the back of the skull.

The chin and neck are black, and the bill has a light base. The eyes are dark brown, while the legs and feet range in color from gray to black.

The female resembles its male counterpart, however she has a narrower yellow terminal band.

Her throat is considerably less pronounced around the bottom.

The red and yellow stand out much greater against the immaculate white plumage in its conventional form.

These birds can be found in a variety of habitats.

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