Stray cat who slept under stairs and didn’t trust anyone discovers the warmth of a home

Interessante Gerüchte

Skinny and sick, a stray cat systematically fled when we tried to help him.

A situation that had lasted for many years, but which ended thanks to the mobilization of people with big hearts and an association.

In Montreal, a stray cat had been leading a harsh life for years, facing hunger, cold, fear and disease on a daily basis, says Love Meow.

A resident had noticed this and tried to help him, but the feline was too fearful to let him approach.

The man then got into the habit of leaving him something to eat, then made him a small improvised shelter, installed under a staircase.

Another person had noticed this cat and decided to come to his rescue when he saw him lying on the ground, next to his shelter.

Karoline had discovered her hiding place, which was populated by flies and which emanated a very bad smell.

The animal had to be cared for and rescued from this suffering at all costs.

Karoline called Nadia, a volunteer practicing the “capture-sterilize-return” method, for help.

Arriving on the scene, the latter was able to see how the feline was in bad shape.

In particular, he had scars on his ears from frostbite and had his head down when he walked.

Nadia spent hours trying to gain his trust.

The help of the man who fed him was invaluable to him on this point.

The cat was finally taken care of by the local association Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Taken to the shelter, the quadruped, which the organization’s volunteers called Ferdinand Bullion, was first seen by veterinarians.

His age was estimated at 8 years old. He suffered from thinness, oral infections, thyroid and gastric diseases, and was positive for FIV (“Aids in cats”).

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