Stray cat with mouth infection carves paw print into foster family’s heart: happily ever after

Interessante Gerüchte

A stray cat in poor health was able to say goodbye to the streets thanks to a good Samaritan.

Placed in a foster family, where he received many treatments, he began a new chapter in his life.

A woman discovered a stray cat in a park in the Bronx (New York, USA).

The poor animal was desperately looking for food.

The walker therefore offered him a little, in order to fill his little stomach.

Alas, the feline could not sustain itself due to an oral infection.

The cat, later named Andrew, moaned in pain at the slightest bite.

In order for him to receive all necessary medical attention, the lady took him to a local shelter, the Little Wanderers NYC, reports Lovemeow.

A veterinarian was forced to remove 4 teeth and treated her infection.

Over time, Andrew felt better and was placed in foster care.

Andrew continued to recover in his new cozy little nest.

The infection that tormented him is now just a bad memory.

Andrew was very gentle with the other cats, who were also battered by life. He is also extremely affectionate towards humans.

Still according to the Lovemeow website, Andrew, fully recovered, later moved in with Jeff, another volunteer who became a foster family.

The furball has literally attached itself to its new benefactor.

Andrew loved him so much that he followed him everywhere and looked forward to his return home after each absence.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to realize that the cat had become a big part of his life.

„Its purrs are as loud as a parked Harley-Davidson with the engine running,“ the volunteer said.

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