Streaks of blue and violet tones and charcoal of Sophie looks like a bird right out of a fairy tail

Interessante Gerüchte

Some species that were once considered to be extinct are now re-evolving!

Nature never fails to astound us. Carbonito de Sophie, a stunning bird with an astonishing multicolored coat, is one of those animals that many of us know very little about.

The only place it can be found is in Asia’s boreal woods. So amazing!

Its chemical formula is Leptopoecile Sophie, and it may be found in China, India, and Russia’s boreal woods.

This little bird is distinguished by its rainbow-colored plumage, which is streaked with blue and violet tones, a pink tummy, and white brows.

The male of the species is by far the most stunning, weighing between 6 and 8 grams and measuring no more than 10 cm in length.

Only during the mating season may these birds be spotted living in pairs.

They then return to the flock, where they live in groups of up to 25 birds.

Their primary food sources include insects, spiders, berries, and seeds.

They are fantastic creatures as you see in the pictures, their look is unbelievably wonderful.

Although the species is not in imminent danger, it builds exceptionally well-camouflaged nests, which aids in population preservation.

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