Sweet cat brings flowers to her favorite neighbor every day

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Moving to a new neighbourhood can be a difficult experience at times. But not if you have a secret admirer who delivers you flowers every day; that’s exactly what Rosie discovered when she went to the UK!

„It was simply a tale for a while that it was her,“ Rosie told Love Meow, „until yesterday when I was cooking and observed her jumping down with a pink flower in her mouth.“

„I decided to video it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat bring back anything other than little creatures before.“

The woman was taken aback when she discovered that someone brought her flowers every day and left them on the porch.
When she discovered that the hidden admirer was actually a very nice and friendly cat named Willow, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Meanwhile, she discovered Willow enjoys bringing gifts to all of her neighbours. Those who allowed her to sleep on their porches, in particular.

And, why not, in their own homes? Don’t get me wrong, Willow had her own home, but it appears that life is better when you’re a visitor.

„We live on a terraced street that backs onto another terraced street with a garden corridor between,“ Rosie explained.

„Willow is in charge of around six of the gardens, and I’m quite sure she gets fed by everyone since she’s impossible to refuse.“

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