Heartwarming news: the sweet dogs totally change their face expression before and after getting adopted

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You probably cannot imagine what it feels like to get adopted for dogs who have to spend the rest of their lives in shelters.

All the dogs dream of a warm place to live and caring owners.

The shelters are full of dogs who are waiting for their turn to find happiness.

As the shelters are full of dogs and cats yearly 2.7 million dogs and cats have to be euthanized each year in the USA.

These animals were quite adoptable and could have had loving forever families.

There’s a huge statistics that shows us people more prefer buying animals rather than adopting them.

Very often these cuties find themselves in shelters because their owners abandon them or just have to separate because of life circumstances.

It’s hard to realize that the owners have to leave their dogs or cats at shelters!

All the animals deserve to be loved and protected! It’s such a joy for them to know that somebody has chosen them.

We have collected lots of cute pictures of dogs before and after adoption.

You can never imagine how happy the animals are when someone finally adopts them!

It’s such a joyful experience for them. You can see from the pictures their happy faces.

Animals especially the ones who live in shelters need to be protected and loved most of all.

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