Sweet footage shows racehorse trotting into ocean to swim with dolphins

Interessante Gerüchte

Sweet footage shows racehorse swimming with dolphins in Australia!

Dolphins are definitely the friendliest marine creatures, but never thought these lovely mammals can be so friendly to swim with horses.

Yet, when this trainer has taken her two majestic racehorses to the sea, a pond of friendly dolphins approached them and swam next to them. The woman captured the moment on video and it is nothing short of incredible!

After a hard day’s work, British racehorse trainer Charlotte Littlefield took her two beautiful horses – Ivy and Costa – to the beach off the coast of Melbourne, Australia, where she lives now.

The 33-year-old woman is frequently paying visits tot the sea with her horses, because it’s helping them to relax.

But this time, shortly after they took a dip in the water, they got the surprise of a lifetime. A pond of dolphins joined them in a magical encounter.

“We train at the beach most mornings…it helps the horses to relax and recover after strenuous workouts, much like the professional sports stars who have ice baths to recover,” Charlotte said.

“The dolphins make occasional appearances and love the company of horses often trying to play with them.

The dolphins appearance is even more encouraging for Charlotte, as the legend says it brings fortune for a horse to see a dolphin, before the race!

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