Sweet tiny puppy chase officer down street asking to take him home


What began as his darkest nightmare became a joyful ending for a tiny little puppy.

The defenceless pup was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles and was terrified and disoriented, but luckily, his small paws brought him face to face with the sweetest people – two patrolling officers from the Los Angeles Police Department!

Officers Mercado and Tavera were on patrol in the city when they came across this adorable little puppy wandering alone on Hobart Boulevard in Los Angeles.

They approached the puppy right away, figuring he had gotten lost, but based on his appearance, he had been abandoned. Despite the fact that he appeared weak and hungry, he was all smiles as he met the two officers.

The police couldn’t help but fall in love with him after seeing such a cute fluffy ball. As a result, they just rescued him and drove him to the police station.

Officers are taught not to get emotionally involved during missions, but things were different this time.

The rescue puppy wouldn’t stop cuddling with officer Mercado on the way back. He simply sat comfortably in his arms, refusing to leave his side.

And this expression of affection touched the officer’s heart so much that he chose to adopt the tiny dog into his family.

However, he was not microchipped, and there were no announcements that he might have gone missing. Hobart was the name given to the lovely puppy.

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