Take a look at one of the best ice dance performances of all time: they are stunning

Positive Schwingungen

On every list of the greatest and most well-known British Olympic performances of all time, Torvill and Dean’s figure skating dance to Bolero comes in first place.

The well-known and attractive couple did their incredibly gorgeous and heartfelt routine on Valentine’s Day in Sarajevo while competing in the 1984 Olympics.

The wait was terrible because they were supposed to finish last in their division.

The couple had been making waves in figure skating competitions for a while.

Even though they had placed fifth at the previous Olympics, they still managed to win the British, European, and World Championships. There were a lot of high hopes.

A record-breaking 24 million people watched their incredible performance in the UK.

All eyes in Sarajevo and across the world were on Torvill and Dean as they stepped onto the ice for their opening positions.

Maurice Ravel’s Boléro begins with a mesmerizing percussion pulse.

As he was writing the music, Ravel allegedly said to a friend, „Don’t you think this subject seems to have a persistent quality?“

I’m going to try to play it over and over again without changing anything and try to develop the orchestra slowly.

This played a part in how miraculously Torvill and Dean performed.

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